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Event Coordinator Alli Kleinke

Alli Kleinke coordinates events and catering for The Key Room, helping our guests create productive meetings, memorable occasions and engaging team-building activities. Her upbringing in Sonoma County inspired her passion for food and wine, leading her to culinary school, jobs as a chef and a dive into the art of pastry. Alli holds a bachelor’s degree in culinary management and studied wine for two years to pass the Court of Master Sommeliers exam. She has planned events large and small for employers like Boisset, the girl & the fig CATERS! and Meadowood Resort. Along with managing our venue, Alli provides front-of-house training for students and graduates in our kitchen. “I love being able to pursue my career in a place that serves the community as well as providing wonderful experiences for our guests,” she says.

Chef Matt Shapiro

A native of New York City, Matt Shapiro began working in kitchens at the age of 15. He learned on the job to advance from the dishwasher station to leading several kitchens as a chef. He has worked in great restaurants in New York before moving to California, where he continued his culinary career in San Francisco and the North Bay. Matt spent several years with Hog Island Oyster Co., where he played a central role in developing their sustainable seafood program. As the one-time chef at Tony’s Seafood, Matt became acquainted with Homeward Bound of Marin as a presenter at Fresh Starts Chef Events. He joined the staff in 2023 to bring his culinary talent and experience to a purpose-driven role as Director of Training and Kitchen Operations.

Chef Luis Realpozo

Chef Luis Realpozo has shared his talents with Homeward Bound for more than two decades. Along with being a respected chef, he makes stunning fruit carvings and serves as the chocolate artisan. A native of Mexico’s Yucatan region, Chef Luis began his career as an unpaid apprentice to a local Italian restaurant and quickly put those skills to work upon arriving in California. He helped open Taco Jane’s restaurant in San Anselmo and has appeared at Fresh Starts Chef Events to lead several events featuring chocolate. He also leads the production of program meals for Homeward Bound. “I like training people and showing them my skills, how to make something a little different,” he says.

Chef Andrew Wild

Chef Andrew oversees the training program at Fresh Starts Culinary Academy. A Napa Valley resident for two decades, Chef Andrew has worked in operations ranging from a brewing company to the French Laundry. He joined Fresh Starts Culinary Academy in 2021 after several years as an adjunct professor at the Culinary Institute of America. His experience includes serving as Culinary Production Assistant on the “Emeril Green” television series, presenting at the Artisan Cheese Festival, and teaching workshops on beer and food pairing around California. “This work fulfills my passion for food and culinary history, plus I love sharing that with others,” he says.


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